SegelfliegerThe Patrimo & Comp. team can look back to a comprehensive set of reference for bank, real estate and corporate finance. During decades of bank, transaction and consultancy experience we have successfully executed numerous projects:

  • more than 20 bonds from various industries, sizes and currencies with a total volume of more than 1.5 bn €
  • company loans and credit facilities of several bn €
  • project finance of more than 3 bn €
  • mezzanine and participation rights of more than 600 m €
  • shareholding transactions for a German major bank
  • more than 150 equity transactions and IPOs with a total volume of more than 5 bn €
  • more than 150 consulting projects to optimise the liability side of SMEs' balance sheets
  • refinancing strategies for banks and real estate financing concepts
  • financing concepts for open-end, close-end and leasing funds, real listed estate firms, REITs as well as international financing structures and implementation as funds or listings
  • 20 years placement competence within the institutional market
  • arrangement of term and ABCP securitisation of serveral bn €
  • built-up an ABS analysis platform covering 80 % of all public transactions and formed the European market leader in ABS investor reporting
  • foundation and management of several financial institutions


We are happy to disclose selected transaction on a personal basis.